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Video Demos

See for yourself why Hautau Rotary Cutoff Machines are the best for the money ... These video clips download fast and give you a quick view of many of the features and operating characteristics of Hautau's RC line of Rotary Tube and Pipe Cutoff lathes.

Changeover of Rotating-Head Cutoff
Complete diameter & length change in 1 minute!

RC15 1.5 inch Cutoff Lathe
Feed to length and cut in 4.5 seconds

RC30 3 inch Cutoff Lathe
Loading, feeding, cutting & chamfering

RC60 Producing Axle Bushings
See OD grooving plus cutting & chamfering

Robot Unloading and Packing
Fully automatic part inspection, sorting and boxing

CC60 Double-End Bore Machine
Boring, facing and chamfering 6" conveyor rollers

RC50CCX Cutoff & Chamfer Machine
Boring, facing and chamfering 1.25" to 5" tubes

Tube Auto-Loaders
Easy adjustment for tubes from 1/2 inch to 9 inches

Tube Feed to Length
Hydraulic servo. Fast & Accurate

Changeover and Tube Cutoff Tooling
Variable chuck & long tool slides maximize flexibility

C30 Tube Endfinisher
Bevel and bore up to 4" OD tubes

Remnant Handling
Self-dump Hopper or Chip Conveyor

Servo Dial Loader for Square and Rectangular Tube
Check out our shaped tubing loading system.


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